Sugar Magnolia

By cew

Napping....It's the New Cool!!

I propose that we add a new day to our weekly calendar. It falls between Saturday and Sunday. I don't know what we call it, nor do I care. For today, I'll just call it Funday. There is no work on this day...EVER!
It is a day to enjoy any activity that *floats your boat.*

I suppose that although everyone out there would vote for my great idea...somehow it will never happen. I think what I will need to do is take a short nap when I get home from work. Then perhaps I'll feel up to doing some of the things I enjoy. I find I fight off tiredness most of the evening until bedtime. That sucks!! I'm not THAT old!!

One thing I'd do on my Funday is make cards like the one in the picture. I have been making faces like this ever since I met and fell in love with this amazing man!

Ok! So maybe I didn't actually MEET him!!

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