By benek

Te Henga / Bethells Beach

Visited Bethells Beach for my first time today. West coast beaches like Piha and Muriwai beach are two of my favorite places, so it's no surprise that I loved Bethells as well.

Of course it's a bit late in the season for a swim, but there's plenty of beach to walk. As we arrived we were greeted by a cute little lifeguard hut, where we stopped for lunch. We then headed south to the cave, which was actually quite impressive in scale.

Then back to the blanket for a snack and a footrest before heading to the north side and over the dune to O'neills Bay. There was a sweet little beach house tucked up in the hill between Bethells and O'neils. Amazing location. I can't imagine how anyone would have ever been able to purchase that bit of land. It must have happened a long time ago.

Fantastic day overall. Nothing like the feeling of sand in your toes, and memory card full of great shots to come home with.

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