Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix

Waiting for Lost Dreams

Not the Mary Celeste but close. This is the cabin of Concorde.

Everyone has just nipped off while we wait for an era that created a supersonic marvel such as this to come around again.

No more space shuttles. No more Concorde.

Would Arthur C Clarke imagine anything so sad when he wrote 2001 and its sequel, 2010? Here we are one year on from when that novel was set and if you ever held the desire to fly at supersonic speeds between London, Paris and New York, tough. It ain't gonna happen.

The closest you can get is to visit the excellent National Museum of Flight.

A wonderful day there with the family today followed by fish and chips in North Berwick.

Who needs to fly from London to New York faster than it takes to get the train from London to Edinburgh anyway?

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