By sp33dway

life on mars


A mate of mine who's an architect once told me that most blocks of flats/hotels/office towers are designed without a 13th floor because it's considered 'unlucky'. If there IS a 13th floor, it's usually re-numbered 14 or 12a or something similar.

Nipped out at lunchtime today (bit of a mad drive to make it there and back within the hour) to snap this blip of the only block of 70's flats that were remotely close. Except there were only 8-or-so bluddy floors when I got there, so I had to do a bit of post-blip jiggery pokery to make my pic work.

Was almost tempted not to bother when Life On Mars came on, but hey - got there in the end.

Oh - for the record I learned today that '13' is considered an unlucky number by some because Judas was the 13th diciple to arrive at the last supper, and he betrayed Jesus (one of the theories, anyway). Also, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky in Greece and Spanish speaking countries, but in the Sikh community 13 is considered a lucky number!

So - take your pic, I guess.

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