not quite how I left it

Having missed the busiest part of spring everything which was just budding or leafing-up a month ago is now suddenly lush and green and encroaching on the path. The streets were far too hot to be walking around on so I gave up after a couple of hours in the morning and watched the last few episodes of series four of Lost. Tried the outside again in the afternoon for a few hours but had to stick to nice quiet shady bits like this to avoid being turned pink. I'm not entirely sure where everyone was but it was exceptionally quiet for a sunny Saturday at the end of the month and not everyone can have been at the Taste festival or nearby funfair. Some of them were sitting outside pubs (a subset of whom were dressed as if on their way to see the Sex and the City film) but luckily none of them were drinking cider as far as I could smell; another good reason for not watching live (as opposed to downloaded) television (apart from the fact that it's mostly shite) is that one avoids the cider advertisments which seem to emerge as soon as it is deemed hot enough to attempt to sell chilled cider on the grounds of its alleged refreshingness. Even in a bottle beaded with condensation on a torpidifyingly hot day I would still avoid it in case it put me off apples forever.

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