The Life of Lauren

By laurgurl326

Ellen Mae Sweetcheeks, Butcher Extraordinaire

What should we do a photo shoot about?

I need a back story. I need a character.
Meet "Ellen Mae Sweetcheeks," the finest thing this side of the highway overpass.
By day she is a meat butcher.
At night she just never washes her blood-ridden clothes or skin.
I just felt like dressing silly, really.

So photo-props have to go to Brittany, who actually took the pictures of me. I set up the lighting, props, directed her where to stand, and did all the photo editing -- but it is her magical fingers that clicked away on all the pictures. The vignette is natural from the light source we used (some old ganky lamp thing and an extension cord). She assured me I was not taking credit for her first photography session and she would be checking comments frequently, haha.

I'm A Little Bit Country...She's a Little Bit Rock n' Roll (mmm love that old dirty empty pool)(blurry)
Come to the Light (grainy)

P.S. Now I smell of musty ketchup. Shower time!

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