Opening Night

So! My first public exhibition! And it went very, very well. I am so excited.

This is a really crappy picture :(. But it gives a good idea of what one of my pieces looks like.

And I think I've sold it! Already :) Yahoo!

So, is this the high everyone keeps talking about? If it is, I think I'm addicted ;)

The show is the work of ten local photographers. Some are professionals, some of us are amateurs. All of us are pretty good (it seems). The show was a major hit. There were a couple of hundred people attending. Too cool for school!

All of the images were about local industry. Many were of old derelict factories. Some, like mine shown here are about other aspects of the history of industry here in the Kitchener/Waterloo region of Canada.

Addendum: Someone asked about the mounting.

I should have mentioned the mounting details of that picture. It's printed on a 4' x 6' sheet of aluminum. This is then mounted on an aluminum frame that is smaller than the print so it is hidden behind the print. This causes the print to sit about 3" away from the wall.

Aluminum does not suit all images, of course. But for some, like this one, it is ideal.

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