A busy but fun day, with the usual swimming and late breakfast at Gerry's then Ewan and I took my single speed to Ronde for a bit of a service - replace a broken spoke, true the wheels, tighten up the axles and generally just give the thing a general check over and tighten. I know, I should do it myself but, you know, life's too short.

Anyhow, Ewan had got it into his head to go climbing. He's not been for a while so we moseyed to Alien Rock and after that to Morningside for some shopping - he fancied blowing the last of his birthday money on a Jellycat and I can always suffer a wee look around the bike co-op, although nothing was purchased there. Popped into Falko to try out their sourdough made from their 100 year old starter. Nearly as good as mine. Very friendly place though. Picked up some local IPA that I'd never heard of.

The rest of the afternoon's been spent in the garage with 6 Music sorting out my tourer for Monday and cannibalising the bike rack that I wombled at the dump.

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