The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

The long drive

I had a very sad duty, to help my father tell my Mum of her brothers death.

My Uncle Kenneth was a retired GP, well know ornithologist and gentle human being. He was a superb role model for my brothers and all trainees that he help throughout their careers. My memory of him bounding down the steps to see my frail Mother with a huge smile and warm greeting, despite his poor condition, will stay with me.
He used to be mistaken for Gordon Jackson and the story goes, that he once met Mr. Jackson and He said, " So you are Dr.Halliday. I keep getting mistaken for you."

Mum was shakien, but accepting as I knew she would be.

A tiring day, I headed home and looked forward to the boys heading home for the weekend.............
Unfortunately, a Mrs. Jobsworth, wouldn't let them on the Megabus, as they hadn't arrived the statutory 15 minutes before departure time. They had to stand there for at least 2 minutes outside the bus and then watch it pull out of the station without them!!!!!!!!!!!

I was slightly furious!!!!!

The long drive north and home a 200 mile return journey was worth it to get them home for the special weekend.

Very late to bed and relieved to get them safe home.

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