BethaBlip 58...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I take the same photo in the same place each 1st and 15th of each month along with a wee diary of what has happened and how life has progressed for each of them. Bethany on the 1st and Ewan on the 15th. It is quite remarkable and is accentuated by the 1 year ago thumbnail down in the bottom right.

This month we moved Bethany and Ewan into separate rooms. This was just a wee thing to give them their own space. I'm not sure they actually use it in the true sense of the exercise. There's been the odd time where they profess to miss each other at night but so far it's been working very well.

Bethany went through a bit of trouble with going into school. What is meant to happen is that they line up at the bell in the morning and then the teacher leads them in to put their coats up and lunch in the lunch baskets. She went through a couple of weeks of crying and wanting her mummy to take her in. She was then having to sit with the teacher while Mummy took Ewan to the nursery and headed off. Teacher reported that she's fine after a couple of minutes but it's not nice or practical. After the holidays, we drew up a star chart for Bethany to earn stars if she manages to go in by herself. Mrs TFP took the week Bethany went back to school, off on holiday so that she could help with the transition. After the holiday, the allure of the stars did the trick and she's managed to go into school every morning so far, incident free.

Bethany decided she didn't want to continue with her Ballet. she cited it being too hard. So she's decided she wanted to try Gymnastics. This is probably partly motivated by her friend from school Zoe, also going to the same gymnastics. She's had two classes and is really enjoying it.

Mrs TFP has her minimums exams at roller derby tonight so Bethany is doing a wee good luck photo for her.

You can check out the rest of this series and see her progress by entering the words tagged BethaBlip into the Blip Search facility.

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