A photo a day by Hillyx

By hillyx

What a day!

And a strange image for it!
It is exactly 1 year since the morning when I woke up in agony and knew there was something seriously wrong. I managed to get an x-ray that day and on November 25th was told the news that I had a very aggressive Stage 4 Lymphoma. Two weeks later I was extremely ill and receiving (very good) 'palliative' care! And look at me now!!!

Coincidentally I had chemo today for the first time in 3 months and whilst I was sitting in the chair my friend, Fi commented on the difference between today and last year - I am SO WELL! Thanks to the chemo and all the love and support I've had from all my family and friends! I would also like to give a huge vote of support to our NHS and all those wonderful people that I have come across in the last year!

So when I suddenly remembered that I hadn't done a blip yet I smiled as I realised that my wine bottle re-cycling box is full of water and lemon juice bottles!!! A sign of the times!!! Not that I don't have the odd glass now - but I drink so much water it would make my father turn in his grave. (He always used to say that putting water in whisky made you go rusty inside!)!!!
So I bring you Kitchen Stuff III!

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