Square Spiral - is this a contradiction?

I've been working at Wortley Hall over the last two days with Helen from DECSY and six wonderful South Yorkshire teachers. It's the start of our second year of the Geography & Global Dimension Project. I know I'm supposed to be retired but they have been such wonderful people to be with that I've fully enjoyed my weekend.

We did some fieldwork in Wortley Village, where some of the villagers were able to show us a bit more and answer our questions. We conducted a Community of Enquiry session based on `The Danger of a Single Story' and ended the day with a night-walk around the grounds led by Heather. Quite magical, the lights, boosted by firework displays shone out from distant Barnsley, the owls called over the fields and at the very end, as we stood in the darkest place under the Yew trees, a startled pheasant burst forth into the night frightening everyone standing below. We ended the day with tea and coffee and shared memories of what informs our global perspective.

A late evening home (I was the only one who didn't stay as I only live two miles away).

Sorry about the lack of comments - there's been very little time during the last two days.

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