The second half of life..

By twigs

Gerbera smiles

I'm on a mission!

I've set myself a goal with the camera - to capture lots of smiling faces. So today I set off to the market where I knew there would be plenty of them about. I wasn't disappointed - though I still have many more to go before I reach my target.

And why, you may wonder, haven't I used any of the smiles here to blip? Well, not today, but maybe over the next wee while there'll be a few. It's a personal challenge to get out with the camera and talk complete strangers into letting me take their pictures. But like all challenges, it also provides opportunities for growth and learning, and having recently ousted my Judas friend Self Doubt this is a perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

The gerbera just happened to catch my eye up someone's drive on teh way home so - almost like another challenge - I crept a little up their drive way and shot it!!

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