A fish... biologist.

By HuskyLugs

His name in J.

This is J. I love him very much (just don't tell him!). And J has an interesting story.

Before heading to a fireworks display in the evening we stopped off in a local village to pick up lunch at a local deli. (As you can see J is sporting a very tasty looking sandwich.) After leaving the deli J asked me if i'd seen a woman watching him, which I hadn't, but we concluded that she probably recognized him but didn't know quite where from.

So sat on a picnic bench by the harbour wall enjoying our lunch said woman appears from around the corner and approaches our table. After apologizing for interrupting our lunch she announces that she is a messenger and that J has an unrealised psychic gift. Apparently she felt him before he even entered the deli and that somebody was shouting at her to tell him about his gift.

Apparently I have a nice aura and nice colours. No talent for me though.

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