The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Firing the Clamp.....

Would you believe this is a no smoking area, anyhow, we have been firing this kiln for around 19 days and the firing will end today, but the bricks will carry on getting to top temperature for the next three days or so.
The smoke is being given off by the firing bricks within the Clamp ad the bricks will burn due to the organic matter that is in the clay and we also add about 12% body fuel in the form of coke washings from iron and steel works, this is called Coke Breeze, they used to throw this away as a waste by product, now we pay £90 a tonne for it.
The Clamp is being packed at the other end by our Packers, give them a thought.

Roll on Friday as next week is a holiday for me and we are getting around the country blipping the rest of the Piers One at Mumbles and Penarth near Cardif and Swansea on Saturday, Saltburn on Monday, on Tuesday we will visit Cleethorpe and Skegness, before heading off for the South East to do Southsea, Gravesend and Deal in Kent.
I will keep you posted if anyone is around and see me give us a shout and a wave.

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