Another day goes by

By WelshSi


Went to the quacks today to see about me knee, same as last time, I was told that I need physio. I hope it works as last time I was left in the lurch, suffered for 2 years then finally had my knees cleaned out. Time will tell.

At 12 o'clock tonight the supermarkets will be alive with gamers getting their hands on the latest version of the CoD franchise. Me, I have to wait and hope I get mine through the post tomorrow. The best news is that it has been written and produced by infinity ward, they have produced the best CoD games in my opinion, shame they have to take it in turns. Most of you have either glazed over, fallen asleep of stopped reading by now. But I don't care as I think its a great release from the day to day crap we all go through, a super de-stressing tool.

How do you de-stress?

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