Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Tivoli Preview

Tivoli Est 1843

Well here's a pleasant surprise.Those nice folk at Visit Copenhagen managed to find a couple of VIP tickets to the pre-opening night of Christmas in Tivoli and were kind enough to mail me and ask if I was interested. I jumped at the chance and jumped on my bike and 12 minutes from home I met Mrs Cph for a walk around the second oldest theme park in the world (and busiest seasonal theme park in the world). It is a place like no other I can compare it to, pretty would be a pointless remark and breathtaking merely stating the bleedin' obvious. Just walking around makes you feel like a kid, staring wide eyed at all the excitement and fun to be had around every enticing corner.

I was kind of rushing from one site to the next with me girl getting all nostalgic by my side while I tried to find a way to get a few snaps on the hoof. I managed 4 or 5 almost decent shots which I'll post somewhere soon. I liked this one though because it captures the style and mood of the place quite well. I'm really hoping that Tivoli might give me a pass so I can take a few more Blips from there - it's a gold mine of opportunity.

EDIT: More pictures at my other blog.

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