My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Secret mission

What an eventful walk Bill and I had this afternoon!

First of all a deer popped out right in front of us on a narrow path. Gave me the fright of my life and then immediate panic. Bill has a thing for deer and a couple of times he's been gone for over an hour as he's run around like a mad thing after them - seems to think he can catch them! I'm extra careful when we approach the known deer spots, however this one caught us quite by surprise. Bill gave immediate chase however as soon as I blew the whistle he came back!! So pleased with him.

Then we found more deer in the next field, but I only managed a shot as they ran away however it's the first time I've actually had the right lens on so quite excited about that.

Then I spotted some guys parachuting in on some secret mission - quite a big operation as there were two groups of at least a dozen in each.

Then finally the moon was looking amazing.

It's a wild life we lead in the Cotswolds!

Big secret mission.

Hate to disappoint, however I don't think the secret mission really is a secret mission. We live near Little Rissington which used to have an RAF base and they still use it for training - so suspect there was a spot of that going on this afternoon!

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