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Welcome to the first Blipblog post.

We've set up this journal to keep you informed about all new Blipfoto things - features, bug fixes, news and anything we feel like telling you about. It also means you can comment on things as they are announced.

There's a pile of new features in the pipeline, many of which have been suggested by you so keep an eye on this journal to be the first to hear about them. (Click on the 'Blipblog' link in your left hand menu to jump straight here.)

One quick ground rule about this journal - please make sure any comments you leave are relevant to the subject of the post. As you already know, our ears are always open to suggestions and criticism but please continue to use the support form for this stuff - trying to deal with it here will be completely unmanageable. Any irrelevant or off topic comments will be removed.

We've been holding back making our first post on this journal until we were happy with some updates we've made to the home page, which have now gone live.

First off, we've split entry and journal browsing into two separate tabs. We did this to give us a bit more room to include two new ways of browsing entries - 'by upload' and 'spotlight'.

By upload simply sorts all entries into the order they were uploaded, which means the addicts can browse absolutely everything added to the site without missing a thing.

Spotlight is for those without quite as much time on their hands, who may only dip into the site once or twice a day. It uses a highly complex top secret formula to display the 24 entries from the last 24 hours which are currently generating the most interest among Blipfoto users.

That's it for now - enjoy browsing and have a great weekend!

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