They've got a lot of beasties down under. This one was found in the campsite next to the hippy-hostel in Byron Bay.

The campsite had more of a 'festival campsite' feel to it. There was more "big" rolling paper around then in a dutch coffee shop, some tents had couches in them where people were holding seances (my god, Byron Bay is 'out there'. Not a very skeptical place indeed).

This was about the only grass that was available for an extra tent, so we had to look further than this. In the end we got to a place described by the lonely planet as "militant", with more rules than I can remember. The 'no worries' lifestyle seems to be more like "no worries, because we have done that for you". Where to park your car, what way to point the nose of your car, where to place your tent in respect to your car undsoweiter.

Anyway, it was great fun checking out Byron Bay :)

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