Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

Check out the miles.

We missed the capture of 5000 so I figured that all the 5's would be just as cool to celebrate.

We have jointly clocked up 5555 nautical miles with a little plastic boat that is only 34ft long and which averages around 4 miles per hour. Not sure how many miles we will have done by the time we get Madison back to Scotland, but I am confident it will be more than many sailors manage in their entire life.

We have been lectured to by so many people who said we shouldn't go without getting more experience first. So many of which, had concerned looks on their faces when they identified that we didn't have a spray hood, an autopilot or an epirb....if we had followed their advice we may never have left and to be truthful if we had a lot more experience back in 2007 we might have been far more scared of what we were doing, which may have made us re-think the decision.

A mixture of naivety, inexperience and lack of funds has brought us this far. Life is most certainly for living and I wouldn't change a thing...well maybe the autopilot thing...and...OK I wouldn't leave without a sprayhood and I would find the money for an Epirb...............the list goes on...but the point is I am really happy with our choices in life and couldn't ask for a better companion to have done this with.

Ms MH celebrated her 40th on this trip.....she still has more energy and get up and go than most people half her age.

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