I was at a Saltire Foundation event for Global Entrepreneurship Week tonight (the foundation was represented by Clive Palmer, left) at which I had invited a couple of the inspiring people I know to speak. The one in the middle is Mike Finlayson, CEO of Forth Sector, where I am a director and try to help out a little. The other speaker was a face well kent in these parts. Both did an excellent job of talking about their businesses, and brought to life the theme of the evening, "Entrepreneurship Goes Social".

Fittingly, we held the event at The Melting Pot, itself a social enterprise. I had the rather overwhlming duty of introducing the speakers since my company Salient Point was sponsoring the event!

Other blippers present include MrsCyclops and Acronymphomania... Although it looks like Joe may have inspired a few new recruits...

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