A year in the Liefe of

By LainieC

Like a Fish out of Water.

I don't have all the photographic skills or equipment to raise myself up to the standard of the very professional photographers I have come across on here but hopefully, I have a sense of humour and a love of life which allows me to create my own little world in pictures.
First thing this morning I checked my e mails, only to discover that one of my oldest and dearest friends, who just happens to be Godmother to our three children, had been taken into hospital.She has some sort of blockage in her throat and is going through tests to find the cause of the problem.
She had been put on a ward for the eldrely, so was having sleepless nights, what with the ladies needing medical attention,constant background snoring, and of course the inevitable and constant toilet runs!!
Being a vicar, she was well suited to the job of caring and has found herself offering support and more often than not, fetching and carrying for those around her.
There is just one thing troubling me here.She reckons she feels like a 'fish out of water' amongst this ageing generation but she herself is one of them!(sorry Lainey!)!!!
Nice to be able to have a laugh in times of trouble and I know she will be laughing too.Get better soon Lainey.This one's for you.x

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