By Adda

the tea joint

the day started with watching the early dawn hues over the horizon. the sky wore a dark blue, separated from a black earth by a thin layer of rich crimson. a chimney at a distance spitting out silhouette of smoke - all this from the confort of the balcony overlooking a vast open area.

the ride that followed was tracing an old route in the opposite direction. a ride that started by the lake, watching the golden mist falling magically on the water, almost obscuring the view of the buildings beyond it.

turns were missed, sense of direction was lost but thanks to some local help, we did manage to find the village and the small tea shop we have visited last time. the interesting character who we met last time was not there today but new people gave us company for tea.

back home, ran into one of our teachers who used to teach us when we were in 5th-6th std - a good 21 years ago. it was a total surprise to see her walk out of the apartment lift. I spent my schooling days in north India - a good 1800 kms from Hyderabad so I was least expecting to find one of my school teachers here. Her son stays in our building and she's visiting. That reminded me - I thought I had seen her son in the apartment complex a few months ago but had dismissed it, thinking he might just be someone who resembles. talk about it being a small world...

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