By IzzyK

Built to Last!

I've been on project 'loft clearout' for some time now. As a reformed wanderer that kept nothing but music, photos & various mementos it was a big shock on getting access to the loft to find 13 years of stuff I would never normally hang on to. So for the most it has been a fling & dump or pass to a charity shop process. I chanced upon this at the weekend and while it's not mine to do anything with it really got me thinking about things.

We live in a world that is so hi-tech, with inventions that are most probably road tested to the n'th degree & yet it seems to me that things are not built to last at all. I've noticed more and more with household appliances that they more often than not just eek past there guarantee & play up or give up the ghost altogether.

This Gillette Aristocrat No 15 One Piece Razor set is from 1938 & it looks like it was built to last, the detail, the weight & the quality of it speaks volumes. It is beautiful unlike it's plastic & disposable counterparts of today! I've taken some more photographs of it & posted them on FlickR (Click here) so when it's moves on to its rightful home I shall be able to admire it...if even only in a virtual sense...

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