It's becoming a bit of a medical minefield out in Forth Valley just now, for some slightly exotic diseases; last week it was botulism, this week we've tuberculosis on our doorstep.

Didn't realise at the time I was taking a lunchtime walk with my camera that this was why the Scottish Television Outside Broadcasting news team were on location here (one camera operator, one reporter) but an email shortly afterwards informed us that two of our students have tested positive with TB and that staff and students directly connected with them have been screened, just in case. We've been told it's very unlikely to be infectious as most people around the college have had their BCG immunisation. Ah. Missed out on that one I did. I'll wear a mask.

Talking of what to wear, I read an article earlier that some recent in-depth-and-not-a-waste-of-time-at-all research has discovered that us men take longer to get ready than our female opposites. Not sure where they conducted that survey but, as I managed to get dressed in the dark this morning without noticing the (first) shirt I grabbed had some nasty yellow stains down its front meaning I ended up having to wear my ID badge like a tie most of the day to camouflage it, it certainly wasn't around this way.

What a load of BS.

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