By dogwithnobrain


For Toolibelle's 9th Birthday, 2003, she got a Rabbit -The little fawn one here, called Thumper. Boy's birthday was 37 days later, and so the Rabbit, and his friend, Blue were purloined in between.

They were amazing wee things.... Si initially made them a run from chicken wire - it was 2 ft high, and for two little bunnies we thought it plently. But these little buggars could jump. In the end we opted for the chicken wire right round the garden.

These were bunnies who wanted to explore,and placing the chicken wire round allowed them the freedom of the garden.

The bunnies were with us until 2009, and wee Thumpie died first, found him in the hutch, and there was much howling and tears. We buried him under the apple tree. Blue left us 3 months later. He was sad, and lonely without Thumps, and wearied away.

More tears, more howling. And a second wee grave under the apple tree.

But heavens above. How much the garden has come on since they departed!

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