A year in the Liefe of

By LainieC

In Our Image

Another day, another typical Tuesday routine.
The mobile hairderesser came to do mum's hair while I struggled to do my own!!! Her visit was followed by a quick lunch, then off to see if hubby and I could make a dent in the Xmas pressie list.
On the way to Darlington, we always pass a metal sculpture designed by the artist Joseph Hillier and made by a local company. Like the Angel of the North,it caused a lot of contoversy in the local community, as people felt the large sum of money involved would be better spent elsewhere.However,in a recent poll ,the once despised 'Angel of the North 'was claimed to be the 'most recognisable landmark in Britain.'(I suspect the poll only covered N.E. England?)
The sculpture photographed above is called 'In Our Image.' and was meant to herald a bright ecenomic future,while reflecting the skills of grafting artisans who made this region what it is.The main frame is silhouettes of real people who work locally or worked on the project itself. Just after it was erected, I remember passing by in the car and thinking that in the cold light of the day,the figures were actually real workers involved in the erection of the structure.It seems to tower over the surrounding area.
Made by a steelworks on the industrial park in Newton Aycliffe at a cost of around £165,000 I believe, it has stood some 52 feet high since Summer of 2009, near to the main A1.
Do YOU have any thoughts on the subject?Like it or not , I agree that "Sculpture and painting have the effect of teaching us manners and abolishing hurry."
Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)
After all,I did make hubby stop the car to allow me to observe the sculpture at close quarters ,knowing how pushed for time we were!!!!
Highlight of the day was managing to procure our sons main pressie before returning home to have a warming dinner.

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