By strawhouse


Well it's official - the path to good health is to get no exercise whatsover and to eat rubbish!!
I feel better than I have for weeks and here is my prescription:
No exercise since last Monday
Big Mac Meal on Sunday. Large.
Every biscuit and packet of crisps in the house yesterday and several crumpets and a chocolate mousse
Double choc chip cookies today
Hee hee!!! I'm sure it's a coincidence but it does give me pause for thought!!
Lovely day today with my Mother-in-Law. Despite me and Mr K not actually having tied the knot I've always thought of her as my Mother-in-Law!
Miss E was blessed with two doting Nanas watching her at swimming today. And she didn't disappoint - she swam three quarters of a width completely unaided which I think is pretty amazing at 3 and a half. Such a proud Mummy!!
I Blipped the Smarties before I ate them put them back into the packet for Miss E tomorrow and that's it - naughtiness over. Tomorrow I'm back on track.
Note to self, I have a wedding dress to get into!!!!

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