By P3dro


A while back I blipped what I then described as a mini SuperLambBanana.

It was a taster of bigger things to come. Last weekend whilst I was away in Lisbon (see blips for the past 4 days) Liverpool's workforce was busy putting 120 of the things around town. Officially known as Go SuperLambBananas they're all different and have been designed, decorated or whatever by various artists, schools and community projects.

They've all been given pretty cheesy names and each one has a plaque attached to it with the name of the piece, the artist and the sponsor.

This one's called SuperLawBanana and its outside the Civil Court building in Liverpool.

Typically, the plaque's been nicked. To the scallies who did it - I salute you. You probably didn't know at the time what an irony you created. I don't suppose you do now either. But you did - brilliant.

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