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By ajt

Peacock Feather on Leaves

Today was glorious. I knew the light was good so after breakfast tried a few photographs in the garden, but the wind kept blowing things about in an annoying way.

We then went for a bike ride and even though I took a camera with me it was much too fun to keep going, so I didn't take any pictures. There were loads of people out and about today, lots of bikers, horse riders, one or two pedestrian and even the odd polite car driver. Best of all there were no Audis hurtling round the lanes as if they were in a race.

Anyhow after the bike ride I tried some more pictures. Again, nothing much satisfactory then I thought there were some dry leaves piled up in a corner and thought they may look good. To my amazement there was this tiny peacock feather sitting on top of the pile of leaves and hey presto!

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