Garibaldi McFlurry

By GaribaldiMcFlurry

Empire State of Mind

This morning we went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at the Discovery Center. It was fascinating to see some parts of these ancient scrolls, and also to read the interpretation, spin and bias the academics were promoting in the explanations!

This afternoon we explored a new part of town for us - Chinatown and SoHo, but we weren't really impressed with the constant barrage of "Rolex watch?" "Handbag, Lady?" so didn't stay very long!

The photo is of the Empire State Building as viewed from the top of a breezy open top double decker tour bus journeying along First Avenue, coming near to the United Nations buildings. At night the Empire State Building is lit up - normally just white, but for special holidays it is decorated. Here, it is red, orange and yellow, the colours of Thanksgiving.

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