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By Lifferz

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I think this is a great New Years Resolution- so much so I have made my first ever website. It's been a steep learning process and there is still quite a lot to do with the website design....but I am nearly nearly ready to start the challenge myself- no new clothes for a year....can I manage it????

It's going to be hugely money saving, environmentally friendly and challenging....and I do love a good challenge.

I'm looking forward to all the searching I will do when I realise I do need to buy or mend something...thrift shops, ebay, charity shops and second hand clothing will be my key resource!

I think with the current economic climate and job insecurity as it is- this is a good place to start as regards being money savy.

Fellow blippers are very welcome to have a look at the site and join in. I'm hoping as I get more interest the site will develop a life of it's own depending on what people share :-)

My new website

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