My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Best not go in there then

Rushed blip this morning of the old RAF base at Upper Rissington.

Sun had yet to make an appearance so just a hint of pink in the sky - which I've now obviously got rid of! - however I knew other blip op's would be limited today.

Was running a Goal Mapping Workshop up in Chipping Campden and what an ace day we had. Small group of people - however lots of discussions, sharing of ideas, laughter and beautiful Goal Maps at the end of it.

I do love running them and seeing the various light bulb moments that happen for people - however, whilst the adrenaline keeps me going all day, I am always exceedingly tired when I get back home!

A little of bit of fresh - or rather more than fresh - air with a quick dog walk in the pitch black and rain and I'll now be on the sofa shortly!

PS. Maybe I am allowed in - did sign the Official Secrets Act a long time ago - wonder if it still stands?

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