Five Oh Oh

No, it's not a new film about the Spartans; it's my 5ooth consecutive blip, celebrating nearly eighteen months of my journal.

Blipping's been trickier than usual in recent weeks. Between the darkening nights, strained finances and my camera showing its age, getting decent photographs has been a big ask. I've found myself falling back on emergency blips a fair bit, and accompanying them with whatever few words pop into my head in the limited time I have online.

Still, none of that's been enough to put me off daily blipping. A year and a half on, the only thing I regret about being a member of this site is that I didn't discover it sooner. I intend to carry on in the same vein, and hopefully 2012 will bring a bit more fortune and opportunity to document these interesting times of ours.

Above all, thank you, as always, for reading and for commenting. Without fellow blippers it would all feel a bit pointless, so give yourselves a standing ovation. And I'll see you tomorrow for number 501.

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