White Lidcactus

It was a bit arduous day in Flushing today. Mum was not so well. When I came in the morning she was very much in pain. I suggested to call the doctor.

But she was not very enthusiastic about that. Her own doctor had no service, there was a replacement doctor and they never have enough time ... Anyway, you maybe recognize all that. We chose painkillers, and ventured to go out.

That was no success. All went very slow and there were many complaints and objections. I think it's not only physical but also a bit psychological. Kind of winter depression.

So I tried to make the best out of the day. After the lunch and a nap the unsurpassed iPad made the rest of the afternoon. We looked together at journals (of subscribers) and I translated write-ups and comments for her. That cheered her up a lot. In the end she was fully involved in making today's blip. A picture of one of the delicate flowers of her lidcactus ... ;)

DMC-GF3: f:/5.6 : 1" : 45mm : ISO160

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