Robin at large

By Robin

Candle Forrest

The photo of today comes from a shop at the Milton craft village in Crathes. This shop alone could keep me in Blips for a month. Amongst todays crop of photographs it was suggested I select this image of some candles. A little shopping may have taken place here, and shortly after also at the National Trust shop at Crathes Castle.

Crathes Castle was very busy today, and in most of the rooms of the castle there were people, maybe National Trust volunteers or volunteered, dressed up as characters from a variety of pantomimes. Like last week when I went to Brodie Castle, this gave Crathes a festive air.

Just as we were about to leave we chanced upon some reindeer. While we were admiring them they were harnessed to a sleigh, and Father Christmas turns up with a couple of elves.

Reindeer, elves and Santa then departed, no doubt to start getting ready to make their Christmas deliveries. I will be looking forward to seeing them again later this month.

I happened to notice that, contrary to legend, Rudolph does not have a red nose, it was black, no different to that of his reindeer companions. It was pretty cold so Santa himself may have had a red nose, though such was my surprise at seeing him so soon that I didn't actually notice.

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