That Will Do!

By flumgummery

Advent Tree

Short of a blip today so this is a photo of an Advent Tree I made when the children were small.

I used fabrics that I had to hand so this is from an ex-choir-uniform (1970's) pinafore dress, backed with my old dressing gown and the trunk is from offcuts from a coat I made for child no. 1. The other one used child no.2's old dressing gown as the front and one I made for S has offcut from my going-away outfit ( bright green - I was a bit mad even then) with a different dressing gown backing.

The pockets were designed to fit Terry's Neapolitans, the miniature chocolate bars, (no longer available - thanks, Nestle) and looked very colourful when full.

The sharp-eyed viewing in large will notice that I made the error of including number 25. I hadn't noticed that Advent calendars stopped at 24. However, nowadays it just comes out as a decoration so that doesn't matter.

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