Act Naturally!

By Arcanics

Occupy Lancaster

When I saw on Facebook that people were 'occupying' Lancaster I assumed it was a joke. I only really went along to falsify this and ended up caught up in the whole thing.

Even if you think that it's all a big waste of time you've got to give Occupy this: people who have been apathetic about the democratic process and their part in governance are starting to take an interest and they are critically appraising the status quo. The more people get involved in the process of democracy the more democratic our democracy becomes.

Occupy Lancaster arrived in Dalton Sq just in time for one of the homeless shelters closing down and has happily and without complaint taken up the slack.

If you have a local Occupy camp or if you're in Lancaster I hope you might visit. If you support us then come and tell us so.If you think we're all homeless , unemployed, communist hippies then come and see if you're right (hint:you may well get a big surprise!). If you disagree with us come and tell us why. You may have a way of looking at it that we've not considered.

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