Plus ça change...

By SooB

Polo Mint City

Our friends have headed off to Canada to continue their adventures, and we are heading home to sunny Scotland tomorrow (boo).

After our tearful farewells, we went up to the Asian Art Museum which is in Volunteer Park in Seattle. We were there last time we were in Seattle and had a lovely day and luckily today was very similar weather (bright and sunny). We played our usual museum tag with the kids (ie, Mr MT goes to the museum while I play frisbee with the kids, then we swap). We do take the kids to lots of museums, but I think they're too young to get a lot out of some and we get a lot more out of it without having to constantly supervise and explain!

Today's blip is taken in front of the museum looking back towards downtown and the Space Needle. Cliched I know, but also the prompt for the title (song by Texas, and for the benefit of locals, Polo Mints are like Lifesavers).

Then the camera shop where a very nice man managed to somehow understand what I was on about and sold me a 50mm f1.4 lens and a fancy flash. I managed to resist the $1000 macro lens... Don't expect any improvements in a hurry though, will you.

Next, Science Museum for the kids to run around a bit. It's an amazing place, with loads of fun interactive tools where our son (3) could just play and press buttons and our daughter (7) could learn about levers, etc. Also a great iMax movie about beavers (which are something of an obsession with the daughter). Amazing beaver fact #1 (in a series of 1): beavers cut down up to 400 trees each a year. Looking forward to seeing them back in Scotland again.

Last long tedious post for a while I think - soon back to desperation blips of my neighbour's trees.

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