Worse case scenario regarding some quality requirements. Took this after midnight, just prior to going to bed. Maximum ISO setting, so worst results from camera, noise-wise. Maximum (widest) aperture, so worst results from lens. There's obvious vignetting (that darkening around the outside and corners); very soft/blurry focus in the corners. It was snowing steadily at the time too, and the only light was from some none-too-close streetlights.

Rough as it is, I like it. Up close the whole image appears to have a texture to it, that makes it look like a painting on canvas. And those lens failings are often an attraction to some types of photography.  I rarely use it wide open, but perhaps should do so more often.

The lens is a tiny little manual focus one, that is undoubtedly my favourite on this camera for just going out taking pictures for pleasure. Not much cop for fast paced action photography, but great for slowing you down to study a scene more closely, whilst you adjust the focus. The focal length is very close to what's reckoned to be a natural view (around about 42mm, for 35mm cameras) - not telephoto, nor wide-angled. Might try it on a film camera sometime... though there'd be a long wait before backblipping any results!

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