Go Ape

A shockingly bad photo I know, but what do you expect from a mobile phone camera on a rainy day 60ft up a tree surrounded by blundering fools? If non of you have tried IT, I can HIGHLY recommend giving it a go. I'm not exactly scared of heights but I DO hate being up something that isn't very sturdy under the foot, so I did find it a tad bum-twitchy in places.

Photo was taken at their Delamere one, by my good friend StevieG (who is, at the time I write this, nursing a broken collarbone after crashing his spanking new race-spec HondaSuperBikeSomethingOrOther at Oulton Park on the 24th - get well soon mate). In the frame is me on the right and my good friend 'Mr. Beverlioni' on the left.

He's bald, dances with plebby arms and comes from Leeds, bless.

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