Late Evenings By The Fire

The most immense Christmas Night out.

My Colleagues and I, (and spouses) were treated to an evening in an exclusive house.

Apperitifs and Canapes at 7. Dinner at 8.

Next door, The Auld Kirk, where Tam spotted the Young Witch dancing in her cutty sark. Across the Road, - the Brig, where he raced with his Mare Meg, who had her tail ripped off by the witches giving chase.

18 of us, sitting in a cosy lounge, with comfortable chairs, and a log fire. Drinks in hand, and Langoustine, Ratatouei pasty, and Haggis Pie Nibbles. Michael Buble playing in the background.

The doors are slid open to reveal a small intimate dining room - 18 of us at this candle lit table, and there then followed almost 4 hours, of dining and drinking and chat.

Retiring to the lounge again for liqueurs, coffee, mini mince pies and fudge. Does it get better? Yes it does. Did we have to climb in a taxi home, late at night? No we didn't. We walked thru the hallway to our ensuite room, and had a glorious sleep, without travelling home.

We woke to breakfast - full cooked, with croissants, toast, tea and coffee.

And then headed, quite happily back to work. :-) Only slightly hungover!

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