Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Brown Bird & Bokeh

Tivoli #4

I'm only going to get two days of daylight here at Tivoli so I had some ideas for todays Blip already - this wasn't one of them. I've no idea what sort of feathered fiend this is but it seemed very confident just waddling around this busy path, no one seemed to even notice them in their hurry to get to the next great ride or tasty snack. I liked the colour that matches the building in the background.

I also realise that the next bit of kit that I really want need is a 28-70mm (or 24-75mm) f/2.8 zoom. Only problem is that at £1,300 it will be a year or two before you see f/2.8,70mm on my exif data but I'll keep dreaming.

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