abused substances

Whatever it is that Nicky's dad is trying to grow/create/contain, it had a brief shuggle today when it was finally (if I could be bothered looking I could probably find a photo showing them in the same location at least a year ago) shifted from a corner of the kitchen into the garage after Edgar tried to poke at it a few too many times. The risk would not be so much that he might inadvertently discover alcohol, more that he might be partially dissolved, or possibly captured and assimilated.

Unfortunate indirect happenings meant that our planned meal somewhere which "serves food customers would struggle to find elsewhere in the country" had to be postponed (we had to pay a deposit, which they're keeping, but will hopefully let us re-use at some point, given the circumstances) resulting in the alternative of a take-away round at someone's parents' house, which (when we arrived) was coincidentally unfortunately suffering a gas leak, undetected by the usual occupants (who were away at their other child's house) since the apparent cause of the refitting of a kitchen a month ago. Fortunately even Prestwick has access to 24-hour on-call leak-fixing people, even in areas where the mobile internet strength is so weak that we'd have been quicker getting the couple who were collecting the take-away on their way over to read us the menu down the phone instead of attempting to look at it online.

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