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By EdwardFenner

Crustacean crisps

I was rummaging around my paper piles when I came across this folded bag from our trip to the Maritimes in 2009. We found these at a supermarket in Summerside, Prince Edward Island and thought they'd be fun to try. They were pretty good, actually. Kind of a fishy-lobstery barbeque chip/crisp flavour. They were way better than the crab chips we got at Cape Cod this year. The only thing crabby about those chips was me because they were very disappointing. I'm not sure why I kept this bag. I probably had intentions for it. It's a little smaller than a potato bag and has the same kind of mesh on the back. The crisp were in a cellophane back inside this bag, in case you were wondering. Probably tourist stuff but it was in a supermarket, not a souvenir shop so maybe the locals do eat it, too.

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