will it go round in...

By simonzebu

And for my next trick.. 52 card pick-up!

That took a bit of practice. I cannot tell you how bored I am with picking up cards from the floor.

I realise now that I look like Raid's girlfriend's father (a Finnish reference). Oh dear.

As I think I may have mentioned on one of these occasions before, Blip has re-invigorated my interest in photography, both in producing and consuming photos.
Looking at my Lightroom catalogue I see:
2010 - 1500 pictures
2011 - 5400 pictures

Without getting completely Gwyneth, I have to say thanks to all of you here, especially my regulars (you know who you are) and those who drop in now and again (the true gauge of whether a shot is above par). Oh, and Rick (long slow distance), for introducing me to this obsession. Lastly of course, C, whose lack of interest in my journal enables me to write what I feel.

I have really enjoyed this last year. I admire all of you who keep it going alongside full-time employment, kids, lack of lighting and the darkness of the North. I realise it's easier for me, but there you go.

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