Collecting Moments

By AudreyJ

Young people don't know what age is....... old people forget what youth was

It's great when the two come together.

Tonight Aiden went with the Brownies to a local Residential Care Home for the elderly. She was warmly welcomed by Susan with a big hug, and met Betty, whom Aiden said was a very interesting lady. They sang songs and danced for the residents and ate ice cream and jelly, and were offered quiche , sandwiches and cakes.

Brown Owl said that Aiden was a superstar and there could be a job for her there one day! Aiden seems to have a way with the elderly, it's not the first time she's made an impression on woman of that age, she has a friend named Gladys that she met through my Mum and they exchange letters frequently.

Aiden loved visiting them and was very disappointed when it was time to leave, she has not stopped nagging since we got home, for me to find out how she can go back to see Betty!

Each Brownie received a gift at the end, and this was Aidens, it is the first time we've ever seen Pink Smarties so they just had to blipped.

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