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Customer Service ?????

I just had to get out this stupid mug again for todays Blip. Our problems getting our broken central heating boiler fixed are still not resolved and have declined into the realms of farce...however six days of no heating or hot water are becoming increasingly unfunny to say the least.

The Story so far....

Weds 7th Dec: Our central heating boiler fails to light despite all our efforts. No problem, we have 365/24/7 emergency repair cover from our electricity/gas provider so we give them a call to get an engineer out....after all that's what we pay for! A bit siappointed to find out that despite it being an emergency (as defined in their Terms and Conditions) that an engineer can't come out for two days.

Friday 9th Dec:/b] Despite promising to ring before 10:00 am to say what time he will arrive (which he didn't) the engineer does actually turn up and tells us he can't fix the boiler as he needs a replacement valve which he needs to order. He says that someone will ring us back and advise of when it can be fitted.

Sun 11th Dec: Whilst out we miss a call from the supplier to arrange a time for the engineer to visit again. I return the call only to be told that the 'lady dealing with it' is busy on a call and she will call me back as soon as she is finished. Well, needless to say, she never returned the call. SO we called back and eventually got someone who told us that an engineer would be out on Monday to fit the new valve and that the engineer would call before 10:00 am to say what time her would arrive (where had we headr that one before?).

Monday 12th Dec: By 10:00 am the engineer had not called (what a surprise) so we called them to be advised he would arrive between 13:00-14:00. The engineer did turn up...without a valve....examined the boiler and announced that 'we needed a new gas valve'....'we were supposed to bring it with you and fit it!'. So I'm back on the phone again and talk to the customer service staff who say that there's been a 'miscommunication' and the part hasn't yet been ordered! So I tell him to (a) order the part immediately and call me back when this has been done and (b) let me talk to his manager.....unsurprisingly the manager was 'busy' but the customer service agent promised that the manager would call me back when he was free. After several hours there was no call back (no surprise there) so my wife tried another number and was told that the part hadn't been ordered yet! At least this time she managed to get someone with a bit of common sense as they spoke directly with the parts department and placed the order.

As yet we still have no confirmation of when the part will be delivered and fitted...we are fast approaching one week since the first emergency call was placed and I have a lot of background info for a very long complaint letter once we finally get the boiler fixed.

You will notice that in all of this I have not mentioned the name of the company.....well you might be able to work it out from todays pic ;-)

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