The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Almost a Fire....

Firstly I must say we are perfectly OK, but one of our heaters is less than perfect, the heater developed a fault and melted the plug and part of this socket, without the main trip ECB we would have gone up in flames or the caravan would have.

Other news is the doctor thinks my pain in my tummy is intergeneration and not Gaul Stones, not that I thought it was anyhow.
Mrs BM is down here in the South with me this week, our first Problem was this, the second was the washing machine has died too, so what will the third be I wonder? as they say they come in threes.

I had a nice surprise tonight when I read my emails, a message fro a nice girl from the Camera club that I resigned from a year or so ago, I might visit them after Christmas just to say Hi.

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